Friday, June 14, 2013

அருள்மிகு மருதாம்பிகை உடனுறை மருதீசுவரர் ஆலயம் முகப்பு

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முதன்மை நாட்கள்

கோயிலை பற்றி சில வரிகள்...

Marudheeswarar Temple was built during the period of CHOLAS' (SOZHARGAL) dynasty by RAJENDRA CHOZHAN, KULOTHUNGA SOZHAN-I 1200 years ago. KULOTHUNGA SOZHAN-I had built 77 temples during his life time. This temple is one among them. The Sculptures are 1200 years old as per the design, it has been sculpted. SHRI APPAR, one among the top four NAYANARs, has worshiped this Temple. Temple is located in NAVAMAL MARUTHOOR (Navam – Nine, Aal – Temple, Marutham – Land Suitable For Agriculture, Oor – Place). Place where 9 temples are located, also suitable for agriculture. Lord SHIVA is devotionally called as MARUDHEESWARAR. Maa PAARVATHY is devotionally called as MARUDHAAMBIGAI. So, named MADHEESWARAR UDANURAI MARUDHAAMBIGAI THIRUKOIL. It is believed that Lord SHIVA was raised as ARJUN TREE (MARUDHA MARAM). SHRI PARAGESI MUNIVAR, a saint who CONSECRATED this Temple. This Temple was built during the period of TANJAVUR PERIYA KOIL, GANGAI KONDA SOZHAPURAM, THIRUVANNAMALAI ANNAMALAYAR TEMPLE. This Temple has been entirely built with BLACK ROCK, where the rock is available only 40 miles (64 km) away from here. Lord SHIVA and Maa PAARVATHY flowing their GRACE towards the EASTERN side. Also all the GODs like VINAYAGAR, MURUGAN facing the EAST. CHANDHIRAN (MOON), SOORIYAN (SUN) and KAALA BHAIRAVAR worshiping Lord SHIVA and Maa PAARVATHI everyday. Also KAALA BHAIRAVAR is the Guardianship of this Temple. CHANDIRA – SOORIYA ABISHEGAM (MOON – SUN ANOINTMENT) is being done everyday. Lord SHIVA and Maa PAARVATHI here worshiped as FATHER and MOTHER (THANTHAIYUMAANAVAR - THAAYUMANAVAR), where the PEDESTAL (PEEDAM) is in equal height. The Entrance of Temple is in SOUTHERN side, which is significant to PLANET MERCURY (BUTHAN). The Temple Pond is located just in front of the temple, which is 7 acres. Lord SHIVA's vision is towards the POND (THADAGA PAARVAI) (Thadagam - Water). This Temple is significant for ATONEMENT (PARIGAARAM). Also to cure diseases. We can FEEL the VIBRATION, if we sit for a while. As per records 1056 AD, Temple had 66 acres of Land. Inscription (Epigraph) about the Temple is seen in KARANTHAI (TANJAVUR Dt). At Present, the Temple is undergoing renovation and also works are going for the construction of RAJA GOPURAM.

On 12-06-2013 Kumbabhishekam performed for this historical Temple.